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After the hurricane..

After the hurricane..


you know no bounds which are forbidden
deliberately pushing the walls which are so thin

my annoyance, i try to keep hidden
causing the disgust to boil within

waiting for the day you come to your senses
even now, the thought of you makes my heart burn

in flames of anger and disappointment, i’ve climbed the fences
impatient for the look on your face when the tables turn

……….all i got so far , just know that i hate you .


You ever felt like nothing you do is ever good enough ?

i swear thats me..

all my life i’ve carried around that feeling.. more so burden.

and its like no matter what i do or where i go i can never shake that feeling !

i try to make others so happy, sometimes i forget whats really important… ME.

MY happiness.

nobody will ever understand me because they never take time out to really get me or my thoughts.. 

im quiet because my words always get twisted or im overpowered.

i use to think i was strong, but idk what it is to fight anymore..

i am literally broken and weak..

…i cant finish this.. 



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